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Beauty & Massages

Make the most of your spa holiday in Serfaus!

Quality Time

Professional spa treatments

Our team of beauty experts at the Hotel DreiSonnen look forward to welcoming you! Each treatment is preceded by a comprehensive consultation with a member of the spa team to help you choose the perfect treatment from the wide range of options available.


Classic massages from around the world

From "singing bowls" massages with soothing music to La Stone therapy using hot rocks and cool marble, here at the Hotel DreiSonnen we offer a wide range of massages from around the world as well as invigorating body wraps and peelings that will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing.

La Stone Therapy

Deep relaxation

A unique treatment featuring a combination of warm basalt rocks and cool marble stones. Designed to stimulate your metabolism and strengthen your immune system as well as harmonise the flow of energy in your body. The result? Deep relaxation.

40 min. € 79,--
80 min. € 119,--

Classic Massage

25 min. € 49,--
50 min. € 75,--
80 min. € 113,--

Induvidual Massage

50 min. € 79,--

Sport Massage

50 min. € 76,--

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

Activates your inner organs through precise massage of speciific foot reflex zones

Stimulates the body's natural metabolism and improves overall wellbeing.

25 min. € 55,--
50 min. € 79,--

Two in One
  • 25 min. body part massage and
  • 25 min. foot reflex zone massage

50 min. € 79,--

Lymph Drainage

Releases water and toxins from your tissue.

50 min. € 79,--
80 min. € 115,--

Anti Stress Massage

Warm compression massage to soothe and relax back muscles

Gentle massage to release stress and leave you feeling relaxed and content.

50 min. € 79,--

Spa Relaxation Massage

50 min. € 76,--

Head and Neck Massage

25 min. € 49,--

Spinal Balance Massage

A massage that will truly "move" you and balance out your spine

While you carry out a series of movements our massage expert will exert gentle pressure on your back to balance out the muscles around your spine, giving each individual vertebra the chance to return to its natural position.

50 min. € 79,--

Breuß Massage

Back massage

The Breuß Massage is a gentle back massage designed to soothe mind, body and soul. Excellent for those with back problems and slipped discs.

50 min. € 79,--

Skin Treatments

Pamper yourself on holiday at the Hotel DreiSonnen

  • Body modelling
  • Manicures & pedicures
  • Peelings & wraps
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Aromaplasty
  • Deep-muscle heat
  • Hair removal
  • And much more
classical facial treatment

50 min. € 85,--
80 min (with face massage) €115,--

Hyrda plus facial Treatment

50 min. € 99,--


manicure without varnish € 59,--

manicure with varnish € 65,--



with herb foot bath, foot massage

without varnish € 59,--

with varnish € 65,--


Small Cosmetic Treatments
  • Eyebrow sculpting €17,--
  • Eyebrow or Eyelash tinting €19,--
  • Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting €29,--
Hair Removal
  • Full legs €45,--
  • Legs to knee €29,--
  • Face €15,--
  • Upper lip €9,--
Full Body Peeling

20 min. € 45,--

Mud Wrap

Soothing treatment

Stimulates the circulation, releases tension and helps with sore joints and muscles.

40 min. € 55,--

Evening Primrose Cream Wrap

Oil cream wrap

Soothes and revitalises dry, damaged skin.

25 min. € 45,--

Cleopatra Wrap

Smooth skin

Natural oils leave your skin looking and feeling incredibly smooth.

25 min. € 45,--


Discover the spirit of the East with our Ayurveda treatments


Ayurveda full-body massage

50 min. € 79,--
80 min. € 125,--


Abhyanga Time

Book your special time with Dominic. He will create a package specially for your wellbeing.

50 min. ayurveda time (1 Ayurveda treatment à 50 min.) € 79,--
150 min. ayurveda time (3 Ayurveda treatment à 50 min.) € 219,--
250 min. ayurveda time (5 Ayurveda treatment à 50 min.) € 359,--

Shiro Abhyanga

Ayurveda head, neck and shoulder massage

25 min. € 55,--


Ayurveda foot massage

25 min. € 49,--


Ayurveda back massage

25 min. € 55,--

Mukka Ahbyanga

Ayurveda facial massage

50 min. € 79,--


Forehead oil flow treatment

Join us on a journey into the world of ultimate relaxation!

This forehead oil flow treatment relaxes and soothes the body and releases tension in the neck area. It also helps with sleep disorders, migranes, headaches and stress symptoms.

50 min. € 85,--


Breathe freely!

A small facial massage and a special nose oil make Nasya a treatment which will leave you invigorated and able to breathe clearly thanks to clear airways and sinuses.

25 min. € 55,--


A special Ayurveda powder cleanses, invigorates and tightens the skin and stimulates the body's natural metabolism.

The treatment is followed by an Ayurveda full-body massage (Abhyanga) with warm oil to intensify the effect of the powder. It will leave you content, relaxed and ready to take on new challenges.

70 min. € 119,--


Foot sole massage

This treatment is often called "the window to the soul".

Ghee (herb butter) is spread on the soles of the feet, which are then massaged using a special metal bowl.

The massage removes excess heat and natural toxins from the body, invigorates tired feet, soothes sore soles and also supports the body's digestive system.

25 min. €49,--


Pichu is a special treatment focusing on the knee joints and neck using Avurveda oils.

This treatment soothes inflammations in the skin and helps with sore joints, particularly after sport.

25 min. € 55,--


Herb massage

Herbs are placed in a bag and then dunked in oil. This massage soothes sore joints after sport and is also good for the back.

50 min. € 89,--

Khadi Vasti

Local heat-based treatment

A dough ring is placed on the section of the body which is to be treated and then filled with warm oil. This soothing treatment focuses on specific parts of the body (back, joints, scars, etc.).

50 min. € 89,--

Kids & Teens

We also offer special treatments for children and teenagers

Manicure kids

Manicure: approx. 20 min. €33,--

Nail polish: €2,--

Pedicure kids

Pedicure: approx. 20 min. €33,--

Nail polish: €2,--

Facial Treatment "Young"

ca. 25 min. € 39,--

Classic kids Massage

20 min. € 35,--

Ayurveda kidsMassage

20 min. € 35,--

"Every person is unique. Individuality is a core element of our packages. Speak to a member of our team to find the perfect treatment for you. We will be happy to help."

Hotel DreiSonnen spa team
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Spa holidays in Serfaus

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