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Mini Board

Less is sometimes more!

At the Hotel DreiSonnen guests are spoilt for choice. That goes not only for the wide range of rooms, attractions and activities on offer but also for the food here in the heart of Serfaus. Visitors can opt for our tried-and-tested Luxury Board or choose a different option: Mini Board. This includes a healthy and hearty breakfast buffet in the morning as well as an afternoon snack.

Mini Board is ideal for guests who are out and about a lot during the day and don't have time for lunch as well as those who are generally still full in the evening from their afternoon snack and don't feel the need to eat dinner.

Hearty Breakfast to Afternoon Snack
  • Breakfast: Start the day the right way with our healthy and hearty breakfast buffet.
  • Afternoon: Some of us stay full for a long time after a good breakfast. If you are out and about at lunchtime and fancy a snack in the afternoon, you will find exactly that when you get back to the Hotel DreiSonnen.
Mini Board
at the Hotel DreiSonnen

Make the most of your time in Serfaus!

Turbo Boost Breakfast

Energy to keep you going for hours

  • Fresh fruit, juice & smoothies
  • Organic produce from local farmers
  • Egg dishes freshly prepared à la minute
  • Muesli, seeds, nuts and other superfoods for a turbo boost in the morning
  • Sweet and savoury options – always made from high-quality ingredients
Midday and Afternoon Buffet

Regional, seasonal & delicious

Our midday and atfernoon buffet is much more than just a "snack". If give you lots of energy plus all the vitamins and minerals you need for a balanced diet. Highlights include:

  • savoury soups
  • fresh salads
  • regional delicacies
  • cakes
  • strudel like grandma used to make & much more.
Soak up the Sun on our Terrace

Feast first, then relax!

Our beautiful sunny terrace is one of the main highlights at the Hotel DreiSonnen. When the days get longer and warmer, many guests find themselves drawn to this little piece of paradise to enjoy an afternoon snack, a drink or a sweet treat.

Simply lie back, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the feeling of the sun's warm rays on your skin. Welcome to holidays in Serfaus!

Whetted Your Appetite?

We look forward to welcoming you!

If the Mini Board option combining breakfast and an afternoon snack sounds like your kind of thing then get in touch to book your stay!